Temporary power distribution systems and electrical supplies for entertainment related purposes

Garcia Sound is frequently asked questions relating to the requirements for temporary electrical supplies and power distribution systems.
Temporary electrical supplies are required for many different types of events. For example, television and film sets, theatre productions and concerts, both indoor and outdoor, have power requirements ranging from a few kilowatts to many megawatts. Due to the nature of the work, tight schedules, inclement weather, everchanging plans, etc., the installation will need to be quickly assembled and quickly disassembled, particularly with a touring production.
When a performance takes place in a small venue, an example of this could be a band in local pub, the electrical equipment will be supplied from local, strategically-positioned, socket-outlets. It is quite likely that extension leads will be used to provide more socketoutlets in places where required.
The method of electrical distribution in a large concert venue follows the same principle; socket-outlets will be provided to cover certain areas, distribution units and extension leads will then be used to distribute power to the point of utilisation. In effect, beyond the fixed electrical installation, the temporary element is purely a kit-of-parts assembled to suit the situation or event.

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